Excuses, Excuses…

Here it comes, the big make or break for a good blog. Did the blog have a large break of non posting of new items? If the answer to the question is yes, then obviously the blog is a no-follow.

You would be wrong.

I feel as though I cannot excuse the reason for not blogging recently, I guess it is just that life got in the way. In the run up to going to Canada and Paris I had a journal article to write on Children’s rights and the administration of justice – which has hopefully been published now – and then I travelled. When I got back I had issues with the article to deal with, and, I had work to complete. IT problems left me unable to fully do any work for my job (I know, we all got to work!) and then I started at uni, and had tonnes of work. I still have two sets of minutes to type up for my role, and various agendas and emails to send and also uni work to read up on… I am doing a law degree not a degree in sports fitness. (Sorry if thats what you’re currently working towards, but I can imagine I have a lot more work to do than you.)

I will aim in future to post more regularly. I want to break down Paris and Canada in a blog post per city as I feel it will be more rewarding for the readers, and more manageable in terms of writing.

On a side note: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Canada! Especially Montreal. So expect biased posts. There was so much more I wish we could have done. So much I would do differently if I had the chance. So you guys can expect some lovely detail. And, I will aim to post all of the apartments I stayed in, and the restaurants I visited – we found some awesome, awesome restaurants.

Now I am writing I can’t wait to inform you all of my travel.

My next plan, is to visit the Lake District for one day. Drive up in the AM leave in the PM. Its 2.5 hours one way, and in comparison to Canada …. ahem Saguenay Fjord to Ottawa…ahem… 9 hour drive… ahem…needed a shower as I absolutely stunk from being in a tin can on a hot day with little water…ahem …. just glad I survived… anyway the trip in comparison is nothing. I just need someone to help me drive. Anyone fancy it?

Anyway guys, keep checking back for my first post, I may skip Paris and go straight to Montreal. I’m not sure. I will plan it out. I like plans.

Keep young fellow travellers



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