Who am I?

My name is Meeka. I live in Leeds, England. I drink a lot of tea, and I like to eat… far too much. I come from an unprivileged background, a high school dropout turned law undergraduate (if only all the teachers that said I couldn’t do it could see me now), and have managed to turn my life around, for the better. Due to my background I was not lucky enough to explore the world and go on holiday as a child or teenager. (I think I must have stowed all the lack of travelling away, with my hatred of learning, till I was old enough to have my own money to travel, and love/need/ hunger to learn.) Luckily, as an adult I have turned my travel fortune around. I have been lucky enough to explore a few places in Europe and the US. Travelling, unfortunately, is expensive and I am a law student – I know, students have no money, and law students have too much reading to do – I try to travel as often as possible, though, it is unfortunately not something I can do as often as I would like.


When I travel I like to be exposed, gently might I add, to the culture of the country. I like to ‘live like a local’ and am funnily enough, starting to loath the ‘tourist attractions’ of places. Why travel to do what everyone else participates in? I understand there are certain things that one must participate in when visiting a place for example Gaudi in Barcelona. But at the same time there is so much to explore and do which the average tourist is not fully aware of.


I would like this blog to be about … (long pause) … where I have been, what I have learnt, what I can advise others to do and what I would have done differently with the information and knowledge I have after the visit. Though bear in mind, this will change I am sure of it. I used to believe that I would never visit a place twice… Yet I am heading to Paris for a second time in September 2014.


Hopefully my experiences will aid you in yours. I fully believe travel, with an understanding and appreciation of different cultures, will help aid this world to be a better place.


Thank you for reading this short bio of my short life.


3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. It’ll be good to read about what you find away from the sstandard tourist spots. It’s good to see things slightly off the tourist trails.

    You could write one about Leeds between trips out of the UK! Great city. I am a bit biased though… only just left after living there for 6 years. I miss it!

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    • Thank you for your comment. Hopefully my travel will become more and more exotic. I still have a few places to write about and I have some places I have travelled to in Yorkshire which I would love to write about, Im holding on to them however for my in-between travel posts.

      Leeds is great sometimes, and it is certainly getting better in terms of shopping and events. There still seems to be a lack of the arts in Leeds though. Where are you living now?


      • I’m back over on the rainy side of the Pennines but not too far away. I still work in Yorkshire and have to get my Leeds fix every now and then.

        I look forward to reading about wherever you head to next. Happy travelling!


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